Digital marketing and advertising science

We are experts at selling direct to consumers online through social media. We specifically focus on brands looking to take their products to retail or looking to take a retail product to digital. 

Our team of media buyers and marketers is unmatched and on the cutting edge of direct sales for consumer products and services where scale is the goal. 

Our knowledge and insight with our proprietary testing methods bring ad spend down, ROI up, and consumer acceptance up because we are able to ratchet up what is working and also Test and verify first-time consumers faster, more efficiently at a lower cost over time for customer acquisition because we know more about them and what triggers them with messaging.

Our deep direct response, cold traffic background is unmatched in the world because of our team's depth of experience. 

Our TikTok/ Facebook Agency is Boutique we only accept 10-15 brands a year so we are very careful who we work with and because we feed to TikTok's only Live shopping channel and our distribution company we are looking for brands who have revenue or have a strong path to revenue because our monetization structure is based on media spend with a minimum retainer.  But our main focus is profitability, structuring companies to be sold and placed with the use of powerful media and cold traffic campaigns, the optimize upsells, cross-sells, drop offers, Live shopping, and retargeting.