As a society we have gone from the programmed and educated to the programmers and the educators.

To the creators to building delightful worlds for our audiences; To go boldly where no one has gone before looks more like sitting right here and just looking at it differently; capturing the delicate differences between human and non human perception. The input and the output, the vibration of the pulse of competing views and contradicting visions that invert the original picture to show us the true anthology of how a brand becomes a household name; how an invention becomes something we cant live without; how some notes on a page become the soundtrack to our life. 

Through NFTs, We actually Create Icons for brands that are forever locked in the block chain to protect their images, their data, and govern their quality impact and sustainability and as society begins to accept them create the potential reality of being able to rank and rate the value of data, brand assets and the acceptance of consumers in real time as the market changes. As collaborations occur, the greatest thing about the metaverse is since it is community driven creators are protected and collaboration being a part of the fabric of this new frontier it is ripe for a renaissance. Join us in ushering in the renaissance and welcoming these new decentralized communities within Iconology the  Metalogical Data collective; the collective for Metaverse history, The environmental Metaverse declamation and collaboration project, the center for collective Ideation and Design, The center for corporate and brand reparation and collaboration.

Come with us your welcome here


Iconology in 2022 will begin to foster and encourage all brands to work from the end in mind to build their brands with