Be an Icon

When everyone else is just an influencer



Some Brands Are Never Forgotten

I Can

They Give It All

Even their lives, their comfort and their own personal individuality to create an ideal that their audiences revere.

I Will

They pay the ultimate price

Their Freedom.

They are Misunderstood, and sometimes remain voiceless until the exact moment when it is time to shine.

I Shall

They Fight to the death

And what they say becomes the law.

The Measure of Justice.

They Shape Generations.


They Create Revolutions

I Will

Tik Tok To


Icons Are Made by Their Audiences

Live Shopping Partners Worldwide

Our Brands have access to placement in 262,800 Hours of Live Shopping Per Year

30 Shopping Channels

6 Continents

and the World's Very First Metaverse Live Shopping Channel.

Icons Are in Retail

Be Iconic

Icons Are Talked About

Icon Epicenter and Lab

The Icon Lab where brands are built

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Icons Start With Ideas

Proudly, we use lean methodology to ideate, test and measure our assumptions when creating Icons.

Icon Toolkit

Icon's Have Intellectual Property

Commercializing your concept starts with protecting your concept and being competitive in the market

IP Toolkit

Icon's Start Somewhere

Everything comes from small beginnings. Never despise the days of small things. Your time is now.

Getting Started


Venturepreneurship starts with an Individual

Steve Jobs Started with Bill Hewlett when he was 12 because he made a phone call.

Winsor McCay, an artist inspired Walt Disney.

Warren Buffett learned from Benjamin Graham.

Successful Founders Always have close relationships with mentors and those who have traveled the road to venturing.

We promote a model where our group is aligned with early to midstage startups to chisel and groom them for maximum success.

The story of foundership begins with an individual...